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What is Drag Chain Cable? What is the usage of Drag Chain Cable?


The Drag Chain Cable is the cable which is wearable, have high flexibility, need to move back and forth with the drag chain. The drag chain cable is mainly suitable for the occasion of frequent movement and bending, because compared with ordinary cables, it should have high flexibility, oil resistance, shallow water and moisture resistance, UV resistance. low temperature resistance, wearable, and can withstand heavy mechanical external forces; The cable has faster acceleration and stronger bending resistance than ordinary flexible cables.
The structure of Drag Chain Cable.

  1. Conductor
    The conductor structure is the same as ordinary cables. Usually the insulation material is very flexible. Generally speaking, the thinner the conductor, the greater the flexibility of the cable.To avoid intertwining of cable, conductors should have high flexibility. By selecting the conductor with proper diameter and length, its tensile capacity can also be effectively improved.
  2. Insulation
    The insulation part of the cable is very important.The drag chain cable with a length of several hundred meters, the insulation material used is basically made of PVC or TPE material to ensure reliability.
  3. Stranding
    The lay-length of the drag chain cable should be properly adjust to ensure the roundness of the cable. It usually need to use extra filling to strengthen the cable.
  4. Shielding
    The shielding of the cable is tightly braided outside stranding cable. If the weaving density is small, the ability to protect the cable will be reduced, and the protective layer of the shielded wire will soon lose its function. Therefore, the torsion resistance of tight shielded wire will be better. The role of shielding is to ensure the protection ability of EMC, and the tight weaving can improve the protection ability of EMC.
  5. Inner Sheath
    The main function of the inner sheath is to prevent the stranding from loosening and ensure the integrity and reliability of the entire cable structure. The main function is to protect the stranding of the cable and ensuring the structure of the stranding.
  6. Outer Sheath
    Different materials of the outer sheath have different functions. The outer sheath can make the cable have the characteristics of low temperature resistance, oil resistance and high abrasion resistance.The outer sheath must have a high degree of flexibility.
  7. Tensile center
    In order to ensure the high tensile performance of the cable, it is necessary to install the filling in the center of stranding cable.This can protect the structure of the stranding wire and prevent the stranding cable from drifting to the central area of the cable, which affects the performance of the cable. The main function of the tensile center is to protect the structure of the stranded cable and prevent the stranded wire from leaving its original position.
    What is the usage of the Drag Chain Cable.
    Drag Chain cable is mainly installed and applied to CNC machine tools, woodworking machines, glass machines, carving machines, cutting machines, lifting chain systems, automated warehouses, etc. It is used to provide power, control or data signal connection for equipment under frequent moving and bending.
    With the development of industrial automation, drag chain cables are not only used in drag chain systems under conventional indoor working conditions, but also widely used with equipment or systems for some complex and harsh working conditions and environments. Therefore, when selecting the electrical connecting cable applied to the towline system, it is necessary to select the cable material and structure design according to the working conditions to ensure the normal use of the cable under the towline system.
    For normal installation and application under indoor and outdoor working conditions, special modified elastic PVC material sheath can be used as insulation and outer sheath material.
    For more complex and harsh indoor and outdoor environments, such as many greasy dirt and corrosive substances, it is recommended to use TPU material as the sheath design.
    TPE with excellent cold resistance is recommended for working conditions under low temperature and cold conditions.
    What are the Advantages of Roxtex’s Drag Chain Cable.
    Good quality raw materials.
    27 years of production experiences.
    Abundant cases to meet various working conditions.
    Strict testing procedure to ensure the performance.
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