Oxygen-free copper

Well conductivity

adequate conductor and quantity

High production efficiency for short lead time.
Custom design and production are available.

・As connecting lines for signal transmission of distributed control systems of power planys, metallurgic plants and petrochemical corporations ect, electronic computers systems, automatic systems and detecting intstruments etc.

・Compliant with the Roxtex Enterprise Standard Q/LSD01-2002.

Product Characteristics
・Rated voltage: 300/500V.
・Working temperature: ≤70℃for standard styles, ≤105℃ for styles with 105.
・Environment temperature: ≥-40℃ for fixed laying, ≥-15℃ for non-fixed laying.

Min. bending radius
・For cables without armoring: ≥six times of the outer diameter of cables.
・For cables with armoring: ≥twelve times of the outer diameter of cables.
・Flame retardant(ZR), low-smoke and low-halogen(VD), low-smoke and zero-halogen(E), and water-proof(S) products are available.

Perfomance Technical Index Perfomance Technical Index Num.ofPairs
PE Insulated PVC Insulated PE Insulated PVC Insulated
Insualtion Resistance at 20℃≥MΩ∙km Among Conductors 5000 25 Inductance to Resistance Ratio≤µH/Ω Cross-sectional Area0.5mm2 20 20 1~19
Amomg Shielding     0.75mm2 20 20
Working Capacitance(1KHz)≤pF/m Type 3 85 200 1.0mm2 25 25
Type 1 and 2 98 1.5mm2 35 35
Capacitance Unbalance(1KHz)≤pF/m 1   Shielding Resistance Coefficient≤ 0.01 0.01
Test Voltage(1min)V 1000 1000 Fire Resistance Compliant with GB/T12666—2008  

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