Buy High Quality China Fire Retardant and Fire Resistant Cables From Top Suppliers & Manufacturers

China leading wire and cable manufacturer Shenzhen Roxtex leverages almost 30 years of expertise to design top-grade flame retardant and fire resistant cables. Ranging from FR-LSZH compound cables to specialized fire resistant constructions, Roxtex provides wholesale flame retardant cabling solutions meeting international safety standards for mission-critical infrastructure.


Utilizing integrated China factories and advanced production lines, Roxtex expertly manufactures customized fire retardant cable variants to handle power, control, data and video signalling across hazardous industrial environments. Special insulation and jacketing compounds like fire retardant LSOH polyolefin and XLPE ensure resistance to fire spread and low smoke emissions. And optional shields, connectors and custom cutting available.


Roxtex's portfolio includes flexible PVC and TPE jacketed insulation rated fire retardant cables carrying up to 750V AC and 1000V DC power transmission for electric vehicle charging and onboard systems. Roxtex also offers fire retardant LSZH FR cables like WDZ-RVV and WDZ-RVVP for industrial instrumentation and networked control.


And Roxtex provides specialized two-hour fire resistant cables wrapped with flame retardant paper barriers. Well-suited for hospital, transportation and building wiring, these fire resistant cables retain mechanical and electrical performance despite exposure.

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