Oxygen-free copper

Well conductivity

adequate conductor and quantity

High production efficiency for short lead time.
Custom design and production are available.

・LSOH flame retardant WDZ-.
・LSOH Flame retardat and fire resistant WDZN-.
such as WDZ-RVV, WDZ-RVVP.
( Cables with other rating of flame retardant or fire resistant are avilable, please contact us for more infomation )

・Used for wiring, communication and information transmission, power supply and other application that requiring low smoke and zero-halogen, flame retardant or fire resistant, such as hosipital buildings wiring.

・Combustion characteristics: compliant with GB/T19666-2019.
・Other characteristics: compliant with the corresponding standard of the specification.

Product Characteristics
・Rated voltage:450/750V.
・Rated temperature: -30℃~+105℃.
・Conductors: stranded uncoated or tinned copper wires.
・Insulation: LSOH polyolefin compounds.
・Jacket: LSOH polyolefin compounds.
・The fire resistant cable is with flame retardant paper.

Please contact us for more specifications or detials.

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