Oxygen-free copper

Well conductivity

adequate conductor and quantity

High production efficiency for short lead time.
Custom design and production are available.

・For fixed wiring of power devices, and house wiring.

・Compliant with JB/T 8734.5—2016, and CCC certificated.

Product Characteristics
・Conductor: Oxygen-free uncoated copper wires, tinned copper wires are also available.
・Insualtion: PVC.
・Rated voltage:450/750V.
・Continuous working temperature: ≤70℃ for standard products, 90℃ or 105℃ for customized products.

Aging condition – temperature 80±2℃, time 7×24h
・Tensile strength of insulation and jacket: Before againg ≥10.0N/mm2, after aging ≥10.0N/mm2, tensile strength changing ≦±20%.
・Elongation of insulation and jacket: Before againg ≥150%, after aging ≥150%, elongation changing ≦±20%.

Nominal Con. Cross-sectional Area
Min. Num. of Wires for Con. Insulation Thinckness
Max. Avg. Overall Diameter
Max. Con.Resistance at 20℃
Min. Insulation Resistance at 70℃
Uncoated Copper Tinned Copper
2.5 19 0.8 4.1 7.41 7.56 0.010
4.0 19 0.8 4.8 4.61 4.70 0.0079
6.0 19 0.8 5.3 3.08 3.11 0.0068
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