Shenzhen Roxtex: China Leading Brand for Cat6 UTP Network Cables Including UTP Cat6 and Cat6 Shielded Variants

As a premier network cable provider in China, Shenzhen Roxtex Wire & Cable Co. leverages nearly 30 years of cabling expertise to design and manufacture customized, high performance Cat6 cabling solutions for mission-critical applications. With advanced automation and stringent quality control, Roxtexs integrated China factories expertly produce both shielded and UTP varieties of Cat6 network cables to meet international Category 6 specifications.


Equipped to handle high-speed 10Gbps Ethernet transmission, Roxtexs Cat6 shielded cables and Cat6 UTP cables optimize speed, noise immunity and durability thanks to features like oxygen-free bare or tinned copper conductors, quality PE or PVC insulation, foil or braided shielding options and rugged PVC/LSZH outer jacketing. Every batch undergoes over 4,000 tests guaranteeing stable performance across the entire Cat6 cable portfolio, with operating temperatures spanning -20°C to +60°C.


Roxtexs expansive range of top quality Cat6 Ethernet cables are completely tailored in dimensions and technical specifications to suit diverse wired networking requirements. Customization options include conductor count and AWG, granular electrical parameters, cable diameter and flexibility, cable printing and labeling, specialized connectors from leading brands, and custom length cutting and spool packaging resulting in Cat6 network cabling solutions purpose-built to optimize network integrity across manufacturing floors and process automation systems.


For high speed, long range and resilient Cat6 network cable installations, rely on the customization flexibility and sheer manufacturing expertise from China cabling leader Shenzhen Roxtexs catalog of shielded and UTP varieties. Their China custom & top quality wholesale Cat6 cables tick every box in meeting application demands.

Oxygen-free copper

Well conductivity

adequate conductor and quantity

High production efficiency for short lead time.
Custom design and production are available.

・For information transmission in premises distribution system, conputers, monitoring stystems etc.

・Compliant with YD/T 1019-2013, FLUKE test passed.

Product Characteristics
・Max. transmission frequency: 250MHz for CAT 6.

Specification Nominal Con. Diameter
Nominal Number of Pairs Max. Overall Diameter
Non-shielded Non-shielded Non-shielded
6 0.57±0.02 4 6.3
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