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China-based leading cable manufacturer Shenzhen Roxtex Wire & Cable Co. offers a wide selection of quality shielded network cables for instrumentation, automation, electronics and power devices. With almost 30 years of expertise and integrated manufacturing facilities, Roxtex provides customized and wholesale shielded cables meeting international standards.


Utilizing advanced automated production lines, Roxtex expertly manufactures shielded network cables to exacting requirements. Copper conductors, quality PVC insulation and jacketing, plus braided shielding deliver performance and protection. Rigorous quality control protocols ensure longevity and reliability.


Roxtex's shielded cable models like AVR, RV and BVR serve internal wiring needs for instrumentation, electric devices and power equipment. Oxygen-free bare or tinned copper wires, flexible PVC insulation with 300-750V ratings, and operating temperatures up to 105°C withstand vulnerability and aging tests. Added shielding lends crucial noise immunity.


For network wiring demanding ruggedness, Roxtex's lines of industrial Ethernet cables feature shielded twisted pair constructions at Category 5e and 6 standards. Tinned copper conductors, foil or braided shielding, and PVC or LSZH jackets suit all environments. Custom printing and connectors are offered to aid identification and simplified installation.


And Roxtexs shielded control cables designed for automation devices utilize flexible stranded cores and conductive PVC jacketing to resist interference. They come connector-ready for plug-and-play networking of manufacturing equipment, robots and other computer-controlled systems.


With over a dozen sales offices across China and exports worldwide, Shenzhen Roxtex Wire & Cable Co. has the expertise and capabilities to deliver top-quality shielded network cabling solutions exactly tailored to specific application requirements. For mission-critical instrumentation, machine wiring or automation networks in factories and process plants, Roxtex is the shielded network cable provider to trust.

Oxygen-free copper

Well conductivity

adequate conductor and quantity

High production efficiency for short lead time.
Custom design and production are available.

・For information transmission in premises distribution system, conputers, monitoring stystems etc. That requiring shielding protection from signal interference.

・Compliant with YD/T 1019-2013.

Product Characteristics
・Max. transmission frequency: 100MHz for CAT5e and suppport duplex application, 250MHz for CAT 6.

Specification Nominal Con. Diameter
Nominal Number of Pairs Max. Overall Diameter
5e 0.52±0.02 4 7.0
8 10.5
16 12.0
20 13.5
25 15.0
6 0.57±0.02 4 9.0

Customization is available. Please contact us for more info.

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