Shenzhen Roxtex: Wholesale Best & High Performance RGB Video Coaxial Cables From China's Leading Brand

Shenzhen Roxtex Wire & Cable leverages 30 years of expertise in cable manufacturing to design integrated RGB coaxial cable solutions for high resolution video transmission systems. As a fully self-sufficient factory in China, Roxtex expertly constructs multi-core RGB coax cables using advanced automated production lines under stringent quality control. This ensures optimized video signal integrity and ease of handling across professional display distribution and imaging equipment networking applications.

Featuring stranded tinned copper inner conductors, foamed PE insulation, and precision tinned copper braided shielding, Roxtex RGB coaxial cable variants like 2x5, 4x5 and 2-2x8 bundle multiple video transmission lines within a singular cable assembly. This allows simultaneous transfer of independent red, blue and green video signals over long distances without interference for seamless large venue display distribution and HQ projection networking.


With return loss exceeding 20dB across VHF/UHF frequencies and operational lifespans beyond 80°C/30V standards, Roxtex's RG-59 and RG-6 RGB coaxial cable models ensure color clarity and zero distortion across long cable runs. And fully integrated manufacturing lines allow for bulk cutting of China custom top quality RGB cables with HD-BNC or RCA terminations molded to length.


Capable of delivering on short lead times with excellent quality consistency, Shenzhen Roxtex Wire & Cable Co. offers RGB coaxial cabling purpose-built for crystal clear and high resolution video networking across professional A/V setups and digital signage systems. For optimally balanced electrical performance and usability, trust Roxtex's integrated expertise.

Oxygen-free copper

Well conductivity

adequate conductor and quantity

High production efficiency for short lead time.
Custom design and production are available.

・Used for connecting wiring of transmission systems, digital projectors, high-frequency machines, and communication systems.

・Compliant with GB/T 14864—2013, SJ/T 11138-1997, the Roxtex Enterprise Standard Q/LSD01-2002.

Product Characteristics
・Conductor: stranded tinned copper wires.
・Insulation: physically-foamed PE.
・Shield: aluminum mylar seperator, tinned copper wires braiding.
・Cabling: multiple coaxial cables stranded with fillers.

Specification Con. Construction
Insulationn Diameter
Overall Diameter
Return Loss
Standard Attenuation(20℃)
Shield Attenuation
VHF UHF 50 MHz 200 MHz 550 MHz 800 MHz 50 MHz 200 MHz 800 MHz
SYWV-75-2×5 7/0.16 2.0 9.5 20.0 18.0 23.2 31.8 40.5 48.2 70.0 80.0 80.0
SYWV-75-4×5 40/0.1 3.7 19.0 20.0 18.0 20.0 28.3 34.6 43.0 70.0 80.0 80.0
SYWV-75-2-2×8 1/0.35 2.0 9.5 20.0 18.0 25.3 36.3 42.6 49.0 70.0 80.0 80.0

Please contact us for more specifications or detials.

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