China UL 758 Cable Manufacturer Provides Custom Internal Wiring Solutions

China-based Shenzhen Roxtex Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. has almost 30 years of expertise in manufacturing a vast range of standard and customized wires and cables, with an excellent reputation for quality and service. As a major producer in China, Roxtex offers UL 758 appliance wiring cables to meet the safety and performance requirements of internal wiring across electronic devices and computer systems.

With a modern production facility covering 35,000 square meters of space, Roxtex is capable of fully self-sufficient manufacturing, from compounds to complete China UL 758 cables. Its advanced automated production line features over 100 state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Only tinned copper or bare copper conductors and virgin plastics are utilized to guarantee quality. Rigorous quality inspection and testing protocols are implemented to satisfy international, national and industry standards.

Roxtex's extensive range of UL 758 cables are designed for internal wiring and interconnections inside various appliances and electronic equipment. Offering rated voltages from 300V to 1000V, rated temperatures from 80°C up to 105°C, and conductors in stranded tinned or bare copper, these cables meet the stringent safety levels and electrical ratings required. Insulation thicknesses conform strictly to UL 758 requirements. High quality PVC, as well as optional braided shielding, lends durability and protection. Custom options for dimensions, color, printing, length, and packaging are also available.

With over 10 export destinations across North and Central America, Asia, Europe and Africa and an established domestic sales network with 14 branch offices, Roxtex’s products enjoy an excellent industry reputation. Almost three decades of commitment to quality manufacturing has earned the company a large and loyal client base. For top-grade China UL 758 cables fully compliant with UL 758 and UL 1581 standards, backed by quality assurance, Shenzhen Roxtex continues to be a supplier of choice.

1015 105°C 600V

Apllications・Internal wiring of electronic device, electronic equipment. Standards・Compliant…

ul 758 cable


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1569 105°C 300V

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1571 80°C 30V

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