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What is the effect of unqualified cable insulation?


As we know that the cable is generally composed of conductor, insulation, shielding, and sheath. Problem from each part of the cable will affect the use of the entire cable. In this article, we will talk about the impact of the quality problem of the insulation layer on the cable.
Although the outer sheath and inner insulation of the cable have a certain insulating effect, in order to prevent the equipment from being damaged by the short circuit of the exposed wires, and the danger to people caused by the wires exceeding the safe voltage, an insulating protective layer must be added to the cable. The main function of the inner insulation layer is to insulate the conductors in the cable from the surrounding environment or between adjacent conductors.
The effect of bad quality insulation.
It will shorten the service life of wire and cable products. After long-term operation, especially in direct burial, water immersion, open air or corrosive environments, due to the long-term corrosion of the external medium, the insulation level and mechanical level of the thin point of the sheath will be reduced. Additionally, routine jacket testing or line ground faults can cause thin tap-through. This will lose the protective effect of the cable jacket.

The heat problem generated from the cable can also not be ignored.Cable will generate a lot of heat during the long-term usage.Usually the allowable working temperature of the PVC cable conductor is 70°C, so the long-term use temperature of PVC cable should not exceed 65°C.Otherwise, the heat generated from the cable will actually damage the cable itself. If the insulation of the cable is not up the standard or have bad quality(using recycle material), it will cause safety issue for example fire.
It will increase the difficulty in the laying process. More and more environments require that the outer diameter of high-voltage cable products must be small. In the laying process, it is necessary to consider leaving a gap to dissipate the heat generated by the wire after power is on. Excessive cables will increase the difficulty of laying. Also the product quality is reflected in the appearance of the product. Whether it is a power cable or a simple electric wire, attention must be paid to the quality of the insulation layer in production, and it must be strictly controlled and inspected.
What are the Advantages of Roxtex Wire&Cable on ensuring the quality of the cable insulation.
Roxtex Wire&Cable have been in this industry since 1995, the chief engineers of the company have more than 30 years experience. It’s our good-will and professionalism make us continue our business for such a long time.
Also we have our own PVC production line, using the high quality raw material from well-known manufacturer.We have strict quality control measure on the PVC production, complying with ISO 90001 standard.
Every quarter of the year, we will send the PVC material from our production line to the third-party testing center to ensure the quality of the PVC.
For other insulation and outer sheath material, we only procure it from the well-know company.

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