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SHENZHEN ROXTEX WIRE & CABLE CO., LTD., A High-Tech Company That Was Founded in 1995, Specializes in Wire And Cable Design, Construction, Manufacturing, after-Sales Service, Etc. ROXTEX's Products Are Being Sold to 10+ Countries And Numerous Regions, Including Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong), North America (US, Canada), Pakistan, India, Russia, etc. Our Customers Accompanied And Witnessed The Growth We Made Together, What's More, The Quality And Performance of ROXTEX's Products Has Been Tested by Markets Well Enough, Due to The Timely Honest Feedbacks Which Were Sent by Our Adorable Professional Channel And Terminal Customers. We Respect Knowledge And Value Skills at ROXTEX. We Strongly Encourage The Values of "Quality First, Customer First, And Service First" While Pursuing The Concept of "People-Orient, Technical Innovation, Honest And Practical," As Well As Customer Oriented. ROXTEX Has Worked Hard to Provide High-Quality Products, Including CAT6 shielded cable, And Excellent after-sales Service to Customers. Your Happiness Will Begin with The Opportunity You Provide Us.

People May Ask

For What Length of Time Does A Cat6 Cable Lose Its Speed?

A Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable can be as long as 295 feet (90 meters) in total, with an additional 16 feet (5 meters) of patch cable on either end to make a total of 328 feet or 100 meters. Past this point, the signal starts to deteriorate, which lowers the connection's speed and dependability.

The Cat6 Shielded Cable's Speed.

10 GbpsDue to the cable's improved insulation, Cat 6 supports data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps at 250 MHz with even less (or no) crosstalk interference. The 10 Gbps speed may only be used up to 164 feet, though. Cat 6 cabling is better equipped to manage the rapid pace of Gigabit Ethernet networks despite this restriction.

Is It Necessary to Ground Shielded Ethernet Cable on Both Ends?

The cable shield should be bonded on BOTH ends.

Is It Necessary to Ground Shielded Cat6 on Both Ends?

It is necessary to correctly ground any insulated cable. This calls for connectors and tools that, at the very least on both ends, appropriately ground the shield. A difficulty with improperly grounded, shielded wire is that the shield will make the issues it is supposed to solve worse.

What Drawbacks Does Cat6 Have?

What Drawbacks Can a Cat6 Ethernet Cable Offer? Cat6 cables are more costly than Cat5 cables (often between 10% and 20% more than Cat5e) and typically exceed the requirements of the majority of modern households. That doesn't mean, though, that they won't be necessary in five to ten years as more and more households become connected to the internet.12 Oct. 2021

What Distinguishes Cat6 from Cat6 Shielded Cable?

The conductors of the shielded (STP) Cat6 cable are encircled by a wire mesh or metal foil, but those of the unshielded (UTP) Cat6 cable are not. The UTP cables only rely on twisted pairs of cable conductors and cable insulation; they do not have this additional EMI and crosstalk protection.

Can You Use Power to Run Protected Cat6?

Yes, according to the electrical code, AC currents carried by cables must be equal and cancel one another out. At the very least, modulo the conductor distance of around 1/4". This is done to avoid eddy current heating, not to cause interference.

Does My Home Need Protected Cat6?

Unshielded Cat6a cables typically function well in homes and small offices, unless they are crammed full of equipment or located close to power lines. Shielded Ethernet connections are usually not necessary in a residential or small business setting because of the low level of interference in the area.

Shielded Ethernet: Is It Worthwhile?

The internal conductor's impulses are unaffected by external interference since the conductive shield can direct it away. In order to protect signals from EMI over the course of the cable run and to enable better transmission speeds and fewer data errors, shielded Ethernet cables are typically utilized.

What Does Shielded Cable Serve As?

The shielding on the cable provides protection against electromagnetic compatibility. It keeps impulses that could disrupt other cables or even electrical devices from escaping the wire and entering the outside environment. In addition, the shield makes sure that outside interference stays out of the cable's inside.

Cat6 Shielded Cable Products

trueCABLE Cat6/6A RJ45 Pass Through Modular Plugs, Gold Plated 3 Prong 8P8C, 20 Pieces, Shielded (STP) External Ground Connector, UL Listed

green, 23AWG solid bare copper, 550MHz, PoE++ (4PPoE), ETL listed, overall foil shield (FTP), 500 feet of trueCABLE Cat6 Shielded Riser (CMR), bulk Ethernet cable

DbillionDa 100-foot Cat6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable is shielded, grounded, waterproof, and UV resistant. It can be buried.

The Cat6 Shielded Plenum (CMP) 1000FT High-Performance Bulk Ethernet Cable from NewYorkCables features 100% Solid Bare Copper Conductors, 23 AWG, and 550MHz Overall Foil Shield (F/UTP).

Long LAN Cable with Clips & Straps, White 60 M, Ercielook Ethernet Cable 200 ft High Speed, Cat 6 Flat Internet Cable with RJ45 connections

GearIT CAT6 Ethernet Cable, Aluminum Shielded, Oxygen Free Copper - 30 ft., Black, EtherCON-Compatible RJ45 Connectors for Pro Audio

cat6 shielded cable factory manufacturer supplier

Bulk Ethernet cable reel, black, Elite Cat6 Shielded Riser (CMR), 1000 feet, F/UTP 23AWG, solid bare copper, 550MHz, UL certified, UL-LP certified.

cat6 shielded cable

100 m/328 feet of bulk rj45 cable Outdoor FTP Shielded Ethernet Network Cable | Weatherproof Cat 6, CCA, RJ45 | FTP 23AWG Shielded Gigabit Anti-Jamming Internet Cable

The Cat6 Shielded Plenum (CMP) 1000FT High-Performance Bulk Ethernet Cable from NewYorkCables features 100% Solid Bare Copper Conductors, 23 AWG, and 550MHz Overall Foil Shield (F/UTP).

Celertec 500ft FTP (Overall Foil Shield) CAT6 Shielded Ethernet Cable, 23AWG Solid Bare Copper, 550MHz, ETL Listed &CMR Riser Rated, Indoor, Bulk Ethernet Cable, White

Top Reviews

Kenneth M.

This cable is of really excellent quality! Most likely the only brand I will ever purchase going forward! I purchased this because I wanted the UV protection for an outdoor pull over a gravel roof. It feels more like coax wire than ethernet and is quite stiff! I would say that the only drawback is that terminating into a connector can be a little challenging. On the other hand, ending with a punch down block is not too difficult. Although I've been making cables for years, I've never had to use UV cable; be ready because it's difficult to terminate! This cable is really stiff and doesn't flex very well; it's just something a beginner may need to know. This is neither a negative or positive statement. You probably won't be able to pull through more than one wall at a time if you intend to fish this wire through several.


The termination of this cable will require much more time than standard Cat6 STP, so plan accordingly! Although it is more challenging to work with than the non-outdoor brands I frequently use, it served my purpose, so I'm not complaining; I'm just letting people know.

Alexa Banks

Really, there isn't much negative to say about the cable. For internet access, my husband and I laid a cable underground from our home to a garage on the other side of our property. When we were attaching ends to the wire, the internal wires were simple to work with. The cover is flexible but sturdy. I'd advise anyone searching for cat6 wire.

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