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SHENZHEN ROXTEX WIRE & CABLE CO., LTD. Is Specialized in Wire And Cable Industry, Our Businesses Include A Vast Diversity of Low Voltage Wire And Cable And OEM ODM Avaliable, We Are Able to Offer Customized Services with Our Immense Expertise And Experience. Our Main Markets Are in Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong), UK, Russia, New Zealand, Ghana, Etc And So on. Our Staff, Who Share A Commitment to Openness, Candor, And Reliability, Extends A Heartfelt Invitation to Customers And Friends from All over The Globe to Join Us in Business. We Are Proud to Offer The Highest Quality Wire And Cable to The Global Market And Will Continue to Do So.

People May Ask

What Distinguishes PFA And FEP from One Another?

PFA has a greater service temperature than FEP at 500 °F (260 °C), and it can withstand higher temperatures while still maintaining its mechanical integrity-even when exposed to caustic chemicals. In comparison to PTFE and FEP, PFA offers a stronger tensile strength and a nicer surface finish.

What Distinguishes Flame Retardant from Flame Resistant Materials?

Unlike flame-retardant fabrics, which effectively put out any flame that comes in contact with them, flame-resistant fabrics are constructed of fibers that inherently resist burning when exposed to flames.

Should I Use L F Cable When?

Additionally, it makes combating fires easier because firefighters can quickly locate and get to the source of a fire. People who live close to wire or an embankment and are unable to get enough ventilation during a fire often use L F/L ZH cable.

What Is The Equivalent of XLPE Cable?

Polyvinyl chloride cable is known as PVC cable. Better cable properties can be found in XLPE cables. Cross-linked polyethylene cable is known as XLPE cable. In some ways, XLPE cable is similar to an improved form of PVC cable.

What Two Varieties of PVC Are There?

PVC pipes are often divided into four categories: unplasticized PVC (PVC-U), chlorinated PVC (C-PVC), molecularly orientated PVC (PVC-O), and modified PVC. In addition to having many of the same characteristics, each kind of PVC has unique benefits for certain uses.

What Is The Purpose of Low Smoke Cable?

A low-smoke zero halogen cable burns with a reduced rate of release and less optically dense smoke. A low-smoke cable is preferable during a fire because it lessens the quantity and density of the smoke, making it easier for occupants to leave a place and improving the safety of firefighting operations.

Should I Utilize Low-Key Cable?

Because the purpose of LZH cable is often to minimize risk from an electrical fire's aftermath, such as smoke inhalation, they are typically used in public spaces where there is a risk of fire.

Is XLPE Cable Free of Halogen?

The polyethylene can be used as a Low Smoke Zero Halogen material thanks to its improved chemical and oil resistance at high temperatures as well as its cross-linking. With stronger tensile strength, elongation, and impact resistances than many other insulations, XLPE has exceptional mechanical qualities.

How Can I Tell If The Cable I Have Is Halogen-Free?

Cable glands denoted by the letters HF are halogen-free. High levels of functional reliability are provided by the halogen-free, flame-retardant, and self-extinguishing SKINTOP® ST-HF-M cable gland and SILVYN® heat-shrinkable tubes.

Why Is Halogen Superior to LED?

You should be aware of the following. Even though they live longer than incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs only have a 2,000 hour lifespan. In contrast, LED tubes have a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours and LED bulbs of up to 25,000 hours. As much as 80% less energy can be used by LED bulbs compared to halogen lighting.

Lszh CableLSZH Cable Products

lszh cableLSZH Cable factory & products supply

10GB Multimode Duplex LC-LC 50/125um Fiber Optic Cable Cord LSZH-50Meter(164ft), Length Options: 0.2m-200m, FLYPROFiber LC to LC Fiber Patch Cable OM3 50M

China high quality lszh cableLSZH Cable factory & products supply

Aque 10-Meter (32.8-ft) Fiber Patch Cable - LC to LC OM3 10Gb/Gigabit Multi-Mode Jumper Duplex 50/125μm LSZH Fiber Optic Cord for SFP Transceiver - 10 Pack

China high quality lszh cableLSZH Cable

Single Mode Duplex BEYONDTECH LC to LC Fiber Patch Cable - 9/125um OS1 LSZH (5 Pack) 3m (9.84ft) Series of PureOptics Cable Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) - 10 Gigabit 500MHz 100W PoE RJ45 S/FTP White Network Patch Cord Snagless with Strain Relief - 35-foot CAT6a Ethernet Cable (NLWH-35F-CAT6A-PATCH)

Yellow 1-Meter (3.3-ft) Fiber Patch Cable - SC to SC OS2 10Gb/Gigabit Singlemode Jumper Duplex 9/125 LSZH Fiber Optic Cord for SMF SFP Transceiver

OS2 LC to LC Single Mode Fiber Patch Cables, Options, 1000 feet (305 meters) 7inch, 1000-foot OS2 Fiber LC to LC Optic Cable, 10G SMF LSZH Duplex, 9/125-meter OD, 2.0-millimeter

BEYONDTECH Single Mode Duplex LC to ST Fiber Patch Cable - 9/125um OS1 LSZH (2 Pack) - 2m (6.56ft) Series of PureOptics Cable

LSZH PureOptics Series BEYONDTECH LC to LC OM4 Fiber Patch Cable Multimode Duplex - 1m (3ft) - 50/125 100Gb Aqua 10 Gigabit 500MHz 100W PoE RJ45 S/FTP White Network Patch Cord Snagless w/Strain Relief - 10ft CAT6a Ethernet Cable - Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) (NLWH-10F-CAT6A-PATCH)

Multimode duplex fiber patch cable from Beyondtech PureOptics Cable Series, measuring 1 meter (3.28 feet) and 62.5/125um OM1 LSZH.

Top Reviews


Ran this through 450 feet of 1" PVC that was buried 24" deep. It's amazing how much easier this pulled than an Ethernet wire, and this cable did a great job of keeping itself from getting twisted. Absolutely advise for 500-foot runs. Case in point and justification This was used to replace a 470-foot cat5 run along with 2xGigabit SFP to RJ45 Converters and 1.25-gigabit singlemode trancievers. The 470-foot run was made up of a gigabit PoE injector ($20), four gigabit rj45 lighting arrestors ($100), and a midway PoE extender ($60), which together cost me roughly $180. I'm not 100% certain, but I think the ping increased by roughly 10 ms near the end of the run. The issue was that illumination always got the first 1-2 of the...


Initially dubious about the cost of these cords, but afterwards discovered I had gotten a terrific deal. It was time for an upgrade because the small server cluster on gigabit Ethernet was starting to look dated. With the exception of configuring my recently purchased NetApp Fiber Cluster Switch, I was up and running after purchasing a few SFP+ 10GB Network Cards, some transceivers, and some cables. I've stepped on some of these wires unintentionally, so they seem to be very sturdy. I caught two of them on the move and assumed they had broken. The LC connectors did detach and then quickly reattach. Now, I am aware that using a fiber optic cable in this manner is not typical, however accidents have happened and the cables...

David B.

They sold me a 10 GB network card and cable. Unfortunately, I made the erroneous cable purchase, and I was only able to sustain a connection for a few seconds once every minute. I got in touch with the seller, hoping it was a driver problem. After asking me for information about my equipment, they quickly responded and informed me that I had purchased the incorrect cable because of the type of switch I had. They provided me with links to the precise parts I required. The exact parts I ordered turned out to be less expensive than the cable they kindly compensated me for. Go with 10Gtek if you need networking components and make sure to ask before...

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